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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Assalamualaikum and greetings to all, 

First of all, "Selamat Hari Raya" to all of you !. Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all blogger friends and also enemies 
(*i dont think i have one haha")

After a long pause and has been a long time i am not updated any posts, today i would like to post about the awesomeness of Nike Bag. 

In brief, Nike is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of sports fashion items for men and women. Men are seen to be a huge fan of the Nike band and love flaunting their Nike fashion everywhere they go. 

 For the men who love working out at the gym after work or during the weekends, it is crucial to have the perfect Nike bags to carry your belongings in. This is because every workout session will leave you with sweaty clothes, hence, you need to pack a change of clean clothes and towel in your bag. So why not arrive and leave in style with Nike? Nike offers their customers various designs of bags perfect to carry along on your workouts at the gym. Below are three Nike bag collection to choose from:

To all Abang-abang sadur and for those gym lovers, this bag might suitable for you.
  1.     .Nike Backpack

Nike Back pack is the most easiest bag any men can choose as it can be filled with a lot of your. Back pack  items such as sport shoes, change of clothes, water bottle and more. Besides that, you can just sling it on your shoulder and walk out feeling confident after your work out session at the gym. Choose from the various colours available and pick out the one which represents your style.

2.    Nike Duffle Bag

Nike duffle bags are perfect for the men who prefer versatility and durable quality. You can carry it in the bathroom gym without worrying your bags getting soaked. The duffle bag from Nike protects your gear as it is made from water resistant fabric and the detachable Max Air strap helps absorbs any shock impact.

3.    Nike Tote Bag

The Nike tote bag are much smaller and light weight compared to the backpacks or duffle bags which makes it suitable for men who are just at the gym for a quick run on the treadmill or a few rounds of lifting weights. Men who do not want to carry much will definitely love to carry this Nike tote bag in style.

If you interested you can it on Zalora.com , and make sure to make yourself in style with Nike bags!.

Cheers and Have a nice day everyone!.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

When the German starts to shine

Hello There and assalamualikum,

To all of you that still using blog or still as blogger or still reading my blog, or to whom accidentally click my blog's link.

i dont my if you do so anyway.
lets take a deep breath. After all, hustle and bustle in my life, alhamdulillah i have some time to update, this rusty old mate blog. Even most of my fellow friends, stop for being a blogger, but me still, wanna keep this blog for time being.

Let me ask you something, are you supporting Germany? if you do, you are same boat as me!, hails Nazi's Germany! *make a sign pose like Hitler.

 "ich liebe dich! JC!"-Germany Fan

Anyway, i have been supporting Germany since i was in highschool, 15 i guess. Before that i dont really have any country to support, just following the flow like my friend does. Eleh it is not a sin not support any team in World Cup anyway. But as a MAN, they are species that should know abou BOLA. kan??. Please dont think it in any other ways, be positive kah kah kah!.

Anyhoo, working life and study life is way too different things. Dulu time belajar, i can easily stay up all night watching football games without worrying anything (even my class at that time in the morning, like bad student like me do, i skipped the class. Ha ha. Sorry sir and madam! :p). Time keje, masa suntuk, you wake up early, and sleep early, even your time just spend on eating praying and sleeping, except on weekend la kan. Betapa suntuknya masa, so better spend it for you love one. If not, you will like zombies walking around in the office, like

"hey man, morning! watch game last night?"

i will like "huh what what what? *pending, after a few minutes, i see a wall infront of me, *dush", so they know, im not sleep watching the game. Even when the boss ask me on my works, i was like "what are you been saying?, i can just see the lip moving slowly without taking any words inside my head".

"are you listening what i am saying imam?"

"uhh, yes bos!" *pretending.

yes i am like a zombie, even during meeting with Factory Manager or Bos from Japan, im dreaming while listening to the presentation, like a see Klose flying through infront of me and score the goals, with his supper strong leg, equals the score as Ronaldo did in Germany, but him in Brazil. 15 goals total, lagends!. Eh where am i again? *slap my face,

 "Yeah i am flying!" -klose

Okay thats enough, hey if you still reading my blog, it would be a suprise for me. Its been 2009 and yet i still here, kinda old isnt it?

place some comments about World Cup will ya, lets share our thought. Mind my grammar anyway boo!


Jamban Comel.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Dream project.

i don't know how i put this, herm..

lets begin with bismillahirahmanirahim, what ever i do , hopefully in bless of Allah, insyallah.

Salam to All,
Likewise, everytime i make an update in blog, after a long time, i will write like this,
"its been long time bla bla bla, tangan aku jadi kaku bla bla bla, hey do you miss me bla bla bla, aku sebenarnya malas bla bla bla"

actually its all just excuses, for such a lazy action. Lets change the style now. Like right now, i start with babbling in english, like some american average guy blogs, looks cool isn't it? haha, just bluffing haha!

"come again?"

Ok, from the title above, as you can see, written Dream project kan?. So What its all about nigga?. Actually, its a project ive been planned since i was in highschool (exaggerating a bit), to sell my own T- shirt in my own label. Suprise kan?

Not so much la, for some of my friends,  i had been telling this long ago,

"wa cakap wa nak buat t-shit , t-shit hey t-shit" *like flizzow did

And so, one day, i sit on my chair open up my computer, and suddenly this idea comin. At last i make my own logos . Dear friends, please evaluate this :

My principle is, simple much better, and so that is why the logo look like this. *grin

And as we put this into the tshirt, it will become like this :

 its still on my list of plans, but sure time to time i will make another design, plus enrich my potential in designing, *angkat kening.

InsyaAllah, if we believe in Allah, There are nothing impossible.

"nate kecek omputih doh loni"

in b4, Kelate vs Pahang, dua - dua pasukan favourite kawe,
 "gomo klate gomo!"
" peteh pahang peteh!"

Ye dok?..

p/s: work in progress..

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Salam ramadhan

Salam ramadhan buat semua,
Harap-harap ramadhan kali ini memberi penuh makna kepada kita semua juga.Gunakanlah ramadhan kali ini dengan sebaiknya, lakukan lebih banyak amal ibadat, baca quran dan sebagainya, juga nasihat pada diri sendiri jugak

"People change,and the nur is from Allah"

Sebenarnya ini hanya update yang santai, ya sebab dah lama sangat tak update at least aku tak nak biar blog ni usang macam tu je. Aku harap dapat gunakan blog ni sebaiknya. Oh ya zaman yang canggih ni update guna fon pon boleh kan, yeah it is my first time update guna fon bak hang!

"Bapak ah noob gilee!"

"Gi mampus!"


"Typical ,ok "

Just wanna say, selamat berpuasa semua.

Oh ya aku dah ada instagram, id: @jellyboone, keep in touch everyone :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Salam Satu Jamban,
Setelah sekian lama tak update, hari ini aku update jugak.
Sebenarnya aku rindu nak berblog balik, cuma mungkin terlampau sibuk dan terlampau malas agaknya.
Ya, kehidupan pelajar penggal akhir sebenarnya sangat sibuk,
mulai dari sekarang dah kene cari banyak jurnal untuk di baca.
Aku bukan rajin sangat nak membaca ni adik kakak oi,cuma kalau dah terpaksa, kene jugak.
Nanti la aku update pasal tu.
"nanti laa, nanti laa nanti laa" , *tumbuk muka kau.

 Anyway, this is just a quick update,
Uniten Gua is coming back. This is my third participate in this event. Sebelum ni jadi jurugambar, kejap jadi performance, kali ni baru involve dengan event. Kan aku dah cakap tahun akhir sibuk, tapi tamak jugak nak masuk, takpe at least i can do something before i'm grad, u know just wanna make my resume more beautiful. demmit.

Details of the event:
Venue: Dewan Seri Sarjana, UNITEN
Date: 5th of July 2013
Time: 3pm sampai 11.00 pm

kalau anda free masa tu jemput datang, ia free admission, rugi tak datangade performance dari Oh Chentaku dan Kyoto Protocol, both from Versus cakap lu.

This is the poster of the event:

This is the teaser , some part aku buat, the idea is stop motion, lama dah aku mimpi nak buat video camni tau

"ah poyo"..*smirk.

Datang jangan tak datang, ade surprise ok.

P/s: aku takkan lupa blog aku, susah senang hidup aku semua aku tulis dalam ni, ada masa aku update laju-laju, aku pon rindu nak berblog.
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