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Friday, November 1, 2013

Dream project.

i don't know how i put this, herm..

lets begin with bismillahirahmanirahim, what ever i do , hopefully in bless of Allah, insyallah.

Salam to All,
Likewise, everytime i make an update in blog, after a long time, i will write like this,
"its been long time bla bla bla, tangan aku jadi kaku bla bla bla, hey do you miss me bla bla bla, aku sebenarnya malas bla bla bla"

actually its all just excuses, for such a lazy action. Lets change the style now. Like right now, i start with babbling in english, like some american average guy blogs, looks cool isn't it? haha, just bluffing haha!

"come again?"

Ok, from the title above, as you can see, written Dream project kan?. So What its all about nigga?. Actually, its a project ive been planned since i was in highschool (exaggerating a bit), to sell my own T- shirt in my own label. Suprise kan?

Not so much la, for some of my friends,  i had been telling this long ago,

"wa cakap wa nak buat t-shit , t-shit hey t-shit" *like flizzow did

And so, one day, i sit on my chair open up my computer, and suddenly this idea comin. At last i make my own logos . Dear friends, please evaluate this :

My principle is, simple much better, and so that is why the logo look like this. *grin

And as we put this into the tshirt, it will become like this :

 its still on my list of plans, but sure time to time i will make another design, plus enrich my potential in designing, *angkat kening.

InsyaAllah, if we believe in Allah, There are nothing impossible.

"nate kecek omputih doh loni"

in b4, Kelate vs Pahang, dua - dua pasukan favourite kawe,
 "gomo klate gomo!"
" peteh pahang peteh!"

Ye dok?..

p/s: work in progress..

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