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Sunday, July 24, 2011

ways to tell someone is a psyco

    how do we know that ,a person is a psyco ??,ok this is top 30 list that shows a person is a psyco ;  1.They keep posting nasty comment about artists and their fans  2.They keep starting all kind of of "worst" lists and cannot stop hating  3.You start acting like Britney Spears  4.They keep insulting people  5.They come up to you at scream in your face.  6.They don’t understand great jokes but laugh at silly things like furniture, shampoo and clocks.  7.They are having a conversation and no one and no cell phone is part of it.  8.The voices in their head communicate with the voices in yours.  9.They bitch, complain, cry and cause a scene no matter where they are.  10.They walk out the door naked   more on : 
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