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Saturday, November 27, 2010

25 things about jamban

25 things u have to know about me ;p,tagged by asmaroro thanks :)

  1. i like green and orange color.most of my gadget r in green,my lappy,my i pod ,my sandals ,nds bag,ear phone haha
  2. j have many hobbies ,playing guitar ,photo design ,drawing ,singing,playing soccer,joking haha
  3. my true ambition is wanna be a successful engineer with a happy family.At the same time,i hope i can be designer and musician ;p
  4. sometimes ,i can't sleep at night ,insomnia ,thats what they called.it will happen if i drink coffee haha
  5. i speak and write three language ,nihongo(japanese),malay ,english.I learned nihongo ,after spm.
  6. i can keep secret ,besides i have many secrets .
  7. i speak when i sleep
  8. i clashed many times,i think i'm not suit for love
  9. i won plasma tv recently ;p
  10. i will marry at the age 26 - 28 after i got what i want.
  11. this year birthday i've  sandal as present from my sister
  12. i like kids
  13. when i hate someone ,i make it forever unless she or he apologize to me
  14. i can flip my tongue
  15. i can remember someone's face but i can't recalled their name
  16. i broke my hand when i was 15,i got 20 stitches after surgery
  17. i had 2 plate of steel in my hand
  18. i currently stdy at uniten ,taking bachelor of mechanical eng,
  19. i've been hospitalized many times ,due to break my left hand (15),dengue(16) ,nose surgery(5month ago) ,fell off from ladder and smack my head when i was 8.
  20. i have a cat ,himawari
  21. i like girls with baju kurung :),nampak sopan
  22. i talk fast
  23. i can read people sometimes
  24. i have tiny heart ,i can be sensitive sometimes,but i'm not serious ,;p
  25. lastly ,i love to sleep...;D
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