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Friday, January 29, 2010

imagination is more important than knowledge

This time i wanna write something about the power of visualization..and it is related with our right side brain.Read this:

Walt Disney was reprimanded by his teacher for drawing a flower with a smiling face,but he finally made his imagination into reality.He made cartoons.Now cartoons are a form of enjoyment to all walks of life and this is people "the power of visualization,believing in your dreams.Everything started as a dream...and rest is success story..is like "angan-angan mat jenin comes true"

In scientific views ,Professor roger sperry and robert Ornstein won a nobel prize in 1981.They studied the human brain for 25 years and found out that our brain is divided into left hemisphere with its own unique separate function.The left hemisphere is for logical ,analytical and reasoning while the right hemisphere is for imagination ,creativity and intuition.

Do you know ?in schools we were primarily focusing on our left brain i.e we were taught subject such as mathematics ,physic ,and biology(in my case).Even our literature subjects are focusing on analytical thinking thinking where we have to write logical arguments and analysis.Our working life does not help either as we are normally engaged into our analytical abilities and relatively little on our capacities to imagine and visualize .However ,the best achievement will be seen if we could combine both abilities of our brain .Obviously Allah created things for reason..

Sometimes without realizing our best idea is gathered in a shower or when we are going to sleep or while on vacation.We are using our right brain at that point of time ,relaxation and lack of stress promote right brain activities .Einstein state that "imagination is more important than knowledge"most of a times the activity of visualizing future events in a positive make-believe way is right brain exercise that yield many positive results to some people.That is why we often hear phrases such as my gut feeling ...,my ability to forecast or my prediction ...are all examples of our right brain activities .

Another example is Whoopi Goldberg on collecting her oscar said 'i have dreamed about this moment all my life '.She recall every young age ,coming from an unprivileged background ,vowed to become an oscar -winning actress .Another very interesting example is about Alan Richardson ,an Australia psychologist ,who tested the power of visualization with three groups in basketball shooting.He assigned group one to practice shooting everyday,group two was told yo forget about basketball,group three was to visualize shooting the ball..at the end of the day,group three have about same result as group one..that shows that the power of visualizing ..:)

However ,visualization and success come in tandem with hard work and determination ,and continually striving against ones comfort zone .Walt Disney had taken his 'Theme Park ' concept to over 300 banks and financial backers before finding the investor!...so if you want a good result in exam,dont be afraid to imagine that you already got the result...
remember,The Power Of Visualisation

p/s;i think this is the longest entry that i ever post for this month ;p

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aLonG.. said...

i dont believe in DISNEY 4 a reason.

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