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Sunday, March 13, 2011

new header

gua tukar header baru lagi ,
"ko bile nak study neh?asyik berblog jek ,belasah kang !"

"ya ampun ,sory2 ,ok fokus2! ,lagi satu minggu nak final exam ,ni last ni last "

"banyak arhh ko!"


ok ,nampaknya kali nih betul2 ,kalau tak naya aku ,dan ini header baru aku *jangan gelak ,aku terkam kang ,ok peace ,kalau sudi komen lar ,aku puji dalam hati nanti

malaysian newspaper makes fun of japan's tsunami

Local Malaysian newspaper Berita Harian published a caricature in their editor's column today that depicts the popular Japanese cartoon character Ultraman as trying to outrun an incoming tsunami.

The publication has received tremendous criticisms by readers, who accuse the editors as being "inconsiderate and distasteful". Several political leaders have even stepped out and demand a public apology, to which the editors promptly made on their publication's Facebook fan page.-source CNN

p/s :i don't know what to say ,but one word "shame" to be one of the Malaysian citizen ,its not a thing that we can make play with.People died man ,they starve for food and drinks .The whole world read about this ,oh my..We Malaysian are concern about this ,and condolence to  those affected.We felt sorry for them.This newspaper's editor should feel ashamed coz creating this kind of cartoon.Remember this ,our national policy is ,LOOK EAST POLICY ,and that shows how we respect japan ,our economic  are relying on them..
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