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Saturday, December 18, 2010


when i said love,
everything become poison to me ,
everything looks to be hard ,
i don't know why ,
its like a taboo to me to say that word
my head spinning like crashing helicopter
i don't know the answer,
what ever i did become more worst ,
i'm afraid right know ,
scare the one who know me disappear,
the one who love me hates me ,
i become paranoid ,
for things that are not true..
may allah give his kindness ,
help me out of this darknesses..
ya allah ,
ampunkan dosa hambamu ini ,dari segala dosa-dosaku ..
permudahkan lah bagiku menghadapi ujian di hari-hari mendatang ..

1 comment:

anOOan said...

love is some kind of drug. giving u a reality fantasy imaginary world that u never expect could happen. 'a delusion of a sweet emotion'

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