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Monday, November 23, 2009

we start from below..

do you ever heard that hero always comes late?..what do you think of it?doesnt have any idea?.can you relate with our study life?hehe..this is what i heard from my math lecture..if you always struggle so hard and always get 4 flat in every sem..if one day you collapes..i mean you failed to get the result that you always was...its hard to get to the peak again..thats why, as my lovely lec said we have to be like a hero...then we struggle one step by step until at the end of the day you get the best result ever which is 4 flat..:P..if first sem we got 2.0..the next sem we proceed to make a better pointer even its just one point plus.."hero always comes late because they want to prove that they are the best of all...~the best is yet to come~ (butterfingers)

1 comment:

Felicitious Nisa said...

nice 1 mam!
i wanna be a hero too!!!

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